Oil well EA

Oil market

The robot has very flexible settings. 

The robot is configured for your time zone or your broker's time zone. 

The robot has a position protection function and can convert stop loss to breakeven.


Oil Well EA

An algorithm that allows you to extract constant profit from the market. 

A team of Pro / traders with experience in different strategies worked on the development of a trading algorithm. A team of programmers participated in the development of the trading robot.

The trading robot has been working on investor accounts since 2016 in a large investment company.


Oil Well EA

The algorithm allows you to start trading with a minimum deposit of $ 300.


Trading algorithm

The robot uses medium-term trading on H1.

The asset is trading WTI, Brent crude oil.

Trades with the trend, enters on the impulse to continue the movement.

Uses Stop loss and TP.

Doesn't use Martingale.

Does not use mesh.

Does not use hedging.

Yield per year 300% -800%. Maximum drawdown 7% -25%..


Works with any broker and any type of account. 

The minimum required deposit is $ 300. 

The minimum leverage is 1: 200.

The minimum lot size is 0.01. 

Has "auto MM" function. 

Has the function of protecting open positions. 

Full automatic trading 24/5




transaction log https://t.me/oilwellea